The Race for Boxer’s Senate Seat Gets Rolling, Weird

Carly Fiorina wants to be a US Senator and has a thing against farm animals? We’re not really sure. We know that this campaign video and the attempt to coin the term FCINO (an acronym for fiscal conservative in name only, but it looks and sounds like a misspelling of Fiorina) is note worthy. We asked a commercial producer how much this video probably cost.

She told us,”Wow…they did shoot all of that sheep stuff. It wasn’t stock footage.” Then continued, “Paid crew for the sheep stuff and an editor for two days worth of cutting that stuff, titling, paid crew, equipment rental and effects plus the gathering of the rest of the stock footage…but there is an office scene too – probably $15,000.”

How much does the normal political 30-second spot of picture montages and big voice overs usually cost? “If they shop it out to a outside editor they could do it for $2000,” informed our producer.

Fifteen thousand for a three minute spot about how your primary opponent isn’t fiscally conservative enough? Priceless.

Our economy needs it – shoot more sheep!

Via Wonkette via The Awl