The Questions

Going into the final days of voting, here are the questions we’ll be pondering about FishbowlDC’s 2006 Hottest Media Types Contest.

  • Can Megyn Kendall break 1,000 votes?

  • Will discussion of the contest make it into a slow-news-day Pool Report out of Crawford? (WH Pool reporters: That’s more a request than a question)

  • Will Patrick reveal all of the various requests for picture changes made by various nominees? (Answer: No. But they would be make for a hilarious post).

  • How many self-promoting “vote for me” campaign emails will get forwarded to us?

  • Is John Hendren going to relinquish his title as a hottie?

  • Will there be a last minute fight within each category (equally as vicious as the fight for #1) to avoid getting the least amount of votes? (We’re looking at you, you, you and you).

  • Have Erin Patton‘s (whose presence in the Post newsroom, apparently, is the highlight of many a reporters’ day) chances been hurt by the lack of a more fancy picture?

  • How badly do the mouse fingers of Hadley Gamble, Hilary Lefebre, Jen Yuille and Lila Merideth (and their friends) hurt? Do they have dreams of clawing each others’ eyes out?

  • Will Wonkette’s Alex Pareene launch a massive GOTV campaign for Liz Gorman? Or for Ana Marie Cox? If he can only mobilize his resources behind one candidate, whom will it be?

  • Can Norah stage a comeback?

  • Is Andrew Noyes almost too pretty?

  • Can John McCaslin prove that there’s nothing hotter than a man with a Miller Lite? (Cowboy hats, be damned)

  • Does Josh Gross really love rich men?

  • Will Bret Baier take comfort in the fact that, despite having lost, he could still physically beat the crap out of everyone else in his category?

    Remember: Voting Closes 5pm Wednesday.

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