‘The Quaid Conspiracy’: The Best Longform.org Story of the Week

Some critics worry that smartphones and tablet computers will ruin our ability to focus on long form material. To fight this trend, we will have the editors of Longform.org pick an essay for your weekend reading pleasure every week.

For this week’s post, editors Aaron Lammer and Max Linsky chose two pieces (one for this week, one from the holiday weekend). They follow below,  complete with links.

“The Quaid Conspiracy” by Nancy Jo Sales from the January 2011 edition of Vanity Fair: “Randy Quaid and his wife Evi have fled Hollywood and are living in Canada—in their car—seeking refuge from the ‘Star Whackers’ they claim are threatening their lives. [This] empathetic piece Sales traces their relationship over the past two decades and reveals a classic story of love, madness, and tragedy.”

“The Justin Bieber of Bullfighting” by Laurence Lowe from the November issue of Details: “Michelito Lagravere, all of 12 years old, is a bullfighter. A very, very good bullfighter. The animals are more than 10 times his size, yet he’s killed more than 300 during his short career. Girls swoon for him. Old men compare him to Babe Ruth. So it’s no wonder that despite the outrage of politicians and PETA, he’s a lock to become the youngest professional ever.”

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