The Public Thinks the Press is Too Tough on Palin, Matt Taibbi Thinks the Public Gets What it Deserves

A new Pew Research survey finds that 38% of the public think that the press has been too tough on Sarah Palin, including many independents (to the tune of 41%) and some democrats (18%).

Sadly it doesn’t appear that the public was polled as to whether they believe that this “toughness” is perhaps the press compensating for its lack of access to the candidate, (including blocked access to Palin supporters of late). Or whether this “toughness” is the result of the press doing its job in vetting a candidate that was only very lightly vetted by the campaign who brought her on board. Or what they actually feel the role of the press is at all. With this in mind, here is tough member of the press Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi’s not so sunny take on an electorate that has fallen for Palin. Taibbi was discussing election coverage along with the New Yorker‘s Hendrik Hertzberg at a Center for Communication panel at NYU last night (more on that later). (Note: The sound is not terrific, but it’s hard to miss Taibbi’s point.)