The Price of Guy Fieri’s Friendship: $100,000

How much would you pay to hang out with Guy Fieri for a day? NYT restaurant critic Pete Wells would probably say “nothing”, because he can’t forgive the Guy for ruining a plate of nachos, aka the “hardest [dish] in the American canon to mess up”. But for hedge funder Steven A. Cohen, the experience was worth $100,000.

What did that sum buy the man? According to the recently published expose From Scratch: Inside the Food Network, the deal was that Cohen and Fieri would be “friends for a day” and do all the awesome things you see each week on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

But—as if to prove that the goodness in Fieri’s heart is every bit as real as the frosting on his tips—the two went on to become true buds prone to bonding over well-cooked weiners.

The funniest part about this story is that no one will confirm it, even though it’s so obviously true: it’s far too strange to be fiction, though Fieri’s reps don’t seem to think that anyone will buy the idea of someone paying such a crazy sum for his company. It might not be good publicity for Cohen, whose SAC Capital is currently facing a big-news insider trading lawsuit, but it’s better than the time he went on Cristina with his then-new wife to defend the fact that he’d been sleeping with both her and his ex during their divorce proceedings.

We still think that investing $8 million in that Damien Hirst pickled-shark-in-a-tank thing was a better use of Cohen’s money. But given his current legal status, he probably won’t be rich for long—and a Fieri friendship lasts forever.