The Pretty Things on the Idiot Box


Saints be praised that the Advertising/Design Goodness captured clips of those Nissan spots from that terrific new campaign. It was one of those things that we’d see on tv, think, “Wow, who did that?! Let’s look that up in the morning.” But then, of course, it slipped by until then next time and we’d think, “Okay, next time we’re at the computer, we’re going to look up who did that ad.” and so on. Thus, this blessed site saved us from our Sysaphisian endeavor and now we know that it was TBWA\Chiat\Day and Stardust Studios (the latter of which we have a big, big crush on). Here’s the whole scoop:

Bicoastal creative production company Stardust Studios recently delivered the third spot in a high-profile broadcast campaign for the Nissan Murano and TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles. Directed by Stardust’s owner and executive creative director Jake Banks, the first spot entitled “Soar” broke in Dec., “Glide” debuted just before Super Bowl XL and aired during ABC’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, and the third spot — entitled “Fly” — began airing nationally this week. Stardust also provided design, live-action production, animation, editorial and visual effects for the campaign.

Each of the spots uses a stylized approach to showcase how smoothly the Murano’s Xtronic continuously variable transmission (CVT) operates, featuring the vehicle inside of an animated world transforming into a bird in “Soar”, a manta ray in “Glide” and a paper airplane in “Fly.”

UPDATE: Roger Darnell at Stardust was kind enough to provide us with this batch of info straight from the source. Also, these far more hi-res links: “Soar,” “Glide,”, and “Fly.”