The President And The Press.. TMI?

Most Americans say the news media has devoted too much coverage to President Obama’s family and personal life in the first 100 days, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. Guess we shouldn’t start the countdown to Bo the Dog’s 100th day tomorrow…
The information comes from the weekly News Interest Index survey. Just over half (53%) of the public says there has been too much coverage of Obama’s family and personal life, while 40% say the amount of coverage has been about right. Just 4% say there has been too little on this topic.
But the study also found that the public believes news organizations are devoting the right amount of coverage to Obama’s leadership style and the way he is managing his job. But again, his policy proposals are getting “too little” coverage, 27% say, while 58% say it’s the “right amount.”
Which brings us to this… from Hotline: “As other news outlets tracked Michelle Obama’s gowns and “guns,” the Hotline has been meticulously tracking the commander-in-chief’s neckwear selections. Many headlines today will highlight Pres. Obama’s first 100 days in office, but we bring you The First 70 Work Days Analytical Tie Spectacular.”
Spoiler: the President has worn a blue tie 51% of work days and a red tie 29% of work days. Read about his color choices the other 20% of the time for yourself here.