The Post’s Up and Comer

Sure, sure, so their circulation might be on the decline, but at least things may be looking up for the Post’s website.

Adrian Holovaty, “editor of editorial innovations” (what a sweetly vague title) at Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive,was just named by Boston Phoenix as one of top ten most promising journalists (and all at the sweet age of 24, too). The Phoenix calls the ten “ambitious, committed, and talented. They have made their mark at a young age, have the potential for bigger and better things, and may well have a role in helping set the course of the media industry in the years and decades to come.”

Holovaty, who works out of his home in Chicago, seems like a glass half-empty kind of guy when it comes to the future of newspapers:

    “I’m not optimistic about it because journalists tend to be so resistant to change,” he says. “Newspapers really ought to be investing in technology and bringing technology people on board. I mean, Google and Yahoo are gonna walk all over us.”