The Post’s “Ten Principles” Memo

The Washington City Paper has obtained a memo from Len Downie and Phil Bennett, entitled “Ten Principles for Washington Post Journalism on the Web.” The memo looks to further “our collaboration with to maximize the readership and impact of Washington Post journalism on the Web.”

And, from our vantage point, it also looks to blunt some of the historical tension between the Washington Post and


  • “Post journalism published online has the same value as journalism published in the newspaper.”

  • “There is no meaningful division at The Post between ‘old media’ and ‘new media.'”

  • “The newsroom will respond to the rhythms of the Web as ably and responsibly as we do to the rhythms of the printed newspaper.”

    Other highlights:

  • “We have designated editors on Metro, National, Foreign, Financial, Style and Sports who will focus daily on journalism for the Web, working with the Continuous News Desk.”

  • They are launching and “an enhanced Loudoun Extra in the newspaper.”

  • “We will also inaugurate a Day Copy Desk, led by Don Podesta, that will copy edit live journalism for the Web as well as projects and enterprise destined to appear first in the newspaper.”