The Post’s Own ‘Iraq Quagmire’

Diving into politics, Erik Wemple takes the Washington Post to task today for Iraq War editorial policy. Most damning perhaps is that he updates an earlier chart outlining some of the bone-headed lines the Post’s editorial board has come up with as it supports the war.

“The Post’s editorialists bought the White House line in full, yet they haven’t gone the mea culpa route. They flirted with accountability in an October 2003 editorial, which reads in part: ‘Were we wrong? The honest answer is: We don’t yet know.’ Well, that was two and a half years ago. Do we know enough now to admit the mistake?” Wemple asks.

After posing the question to editorial page Fred Hiatt, Hiatt responded, “I’m not getting into that subject…. I guess what we have to say about that I would say in an editorial.”

So when should we expect to see that editorial?

Of course the Post’s reporting side this week has been harshly critical of the Bush administration–earning the White House’s ire.