The Post Is (Not) For Lovers

In this month’s Washingtonian, Harry Jaffe reports on the Post’s reactions to newsroom romance.

    In past decades, when the Post treated its reporters like family, it sent husband and wife teams to report from foreign bureaus: Fred Hiatt and Margaret Shapiro in Moscow, followed by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser; Kevin Sullivan and Mary Jordan in Mexico and now in London. Alan Sipress and Ellen Nakashima are in Jakarta.

    But no more.

    When Ceci Connolly asked to be posted in Mexico City with her husband, Manuel Roig-Franza, the Post declined. As a part of the newspaper’s cost-cutting crusade, it refused to assign Connolly, a veteran political and health care writer, to correspond from Mexico.

    Connolly is heading for Mexico, anyway.

With some of their top reporters taking the buy-outs, with circulation on the decline, with other reporters heading to greener pastures…is the Post in any position to play hardball with people’s love lives?

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