The Post Gets Red (and Red-esigned)

The Post announced their first conservative blog, “Red America,” which is authored by co-founder Ben Domenech. One could argue (as many are) that Domenech is meant to balance out Dan Froomkin and/or Dana Milbank, but Domenech made it very clear with his beginning post that he lived further from the center than either Froomkin or Milbank

    This is a blog for the majority of Americans…Yet even in a climate where Republicans hold command of every branch of government, and advocate views shared by a majority of voters, the mainstream media continues to treat red state Americans as pachyderms in the mist – an alien and off-kilter group of suburbanite churchgoers about which little is known, and whose natural habitat is a discomforting place for even the most hardened reporter from the New York Times.

The decision has earned the Post much ire today, as seen in Tom Edsall’s online chat today and reactions from the blogosphere.

Of course, lost in this debate is the fact that a news outlet’s “bias” should exclusively be judged by its reporting…not its columnists, not its bloggers, not its owners, etc.

But that would make sense. And this is the blogosphere after all…

(In other Post news: More redesign in the Metro section, which took place today:

    “The Metro section is being reorganized to guide readers more quickily to local news:

  • Virginia, District and Maryland news and features will be better labeled and grouped by jurisdiction. There will be separate briefs columns for each jurisdiction.

  • The lottery nubers, which are now on Page 2, will move to Page 4 to get more news onto the first pages of the section.

  • Obituaries will remain an important part of our report, and the weather will remain anchored on the back page.

    The changes are part of a broad redesign of the Metro section that began with the introduction of an index of stories on the front of the Metro section and included moving John Kelly’s column to the section and Stephen Barr’s Federal Diary to the Business section earlire this month. Other features will be introduced in coming weeks.

According to this author, the Post’s success will need a lot more than that.