The Post Calendar: Hank Stuever

Yesterday, we praised Michael Cavna’s internal critique for the Washington Post.

But there’s even more…

Cavna also included a “Men of the Post” calendar. He admitted it came to him during a vulnerable moment. “In the pub-crawling moment, it seemed hialrious.”

Cavna explains the reasoning: “Everyone from to American Expresss plays with ways to use personality profiles to promote their businesses. Why shouldn’t we?”

Cavna profiled six “Post men” — Hank Stuever, Eugene Robinson, Joe Heim, Josh Freedom du Lac, Jose Antonio Vargas, Frank Ahrens — and teases the upcoming “Women of the Post” calendar with the addition of Leslie Yazel.

We’ll reveal these profiles all throughout the week. Today: Hank Stuever.

And Mr. Cavna: Again, you’ve really out done yourself. Way to go.