The Post-Breakup Facebook Effect

There’s an interesting phenomenon on Facebook: as soon as a girl gets out of a relationship and makes her new “single” status known, all of her guy friends suddenly jump in to console her. From that moment on, numerous guys will continue to post sympathetic messages on her wall and status updates until the relationship status has returned to “In Relationship”. Personally, I find the phenomenon to be extremely entertaining.

The phenomenon is now part of a strange mating ritual which has evolved on Facebook. Whether or not it’s a conscious action, Facebook has become a tool for displaying our social value. There are then odd “rules” that come out of transmitting that social value into relationships. In the case of the guys who immediately post comments on the change of a female’s relationship status to “Single”, the guys are essentially displaying their lower value.

Providing rules for social dynamics on Facebook is difficult however as the rules seem to change from person to person. I can see it now though, a Discovery channel show on the mating rituals of humans who are connected to Facebook. (Said in an Australian accent) “The female demonstrates her ability to cook by posting images of the meal that she just made for dinner. The males collect photos which depict themselves in a position of influence and post status updates which illustrate their cleverness.”

Honestly, regardless of what status the relationship is changing to, they always tend to drive a number of comments. I’ve included a few of those status updates below. Do you think the “Post-Breakup Facebook Effect” deserves its own term? Have you seen any interesting post-breakup comments?

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