The Pope Wants to Be Your Facebook Friend

After launching a YouTube channel, Pope Benedict XVI is now on Facebook via the Pope2You app. The Pope2You Facebook app description says that the app lets you share the most wonderful pictures of Benedict XVI with your friends on Facebook along with his words of hope and peace.In addition, the Pope2You app also lets you

  • send postcards from the Pope to your friends
  • download and read the Pope’s Message for the 43th World Communications Day
  • spread friendship with the Pope and become a witness of Christ in the world through the web

It’s a good thing that whoever is in-charge of the Pope’s online publicity program decided to create a Facebook app rather than a Facebook profile for the Pope. At least, Facebook users would not expect to really communicate with the Pope since Pop2You is just an application rather than a Facebook profile.

If you need more social media applications relating to Pope Benedict XVI and his activities you may also want to check out the Pope’s YouTube Channel, as well as an iPhone app which was just released recently.

I wonder when will the Pope have his Twitter account?