The Politico: Tod Lindberg’s Take

From here:

    What keeps journalism going is the craft, whether the story is exciting and worthy of commentary or not. And we will always need people who are more interested in reporting the facts than in the commentary. We all know about the decline in newspaper circulation, and some say the newsprint daily is on the way to extinction. I think philanthropists will step in to run them on a nonprofit basis before that day comes.

    If it does come, however, it will be because the online media, or some part of it, begin to acquire the news-gathering habits of the old media. Which is to say, the old media will move online. Which is further to say, the distinctive quality of the old media is not newsprint or the broadcast studio, but the indispensable craft of gathering the news. That’s what the Politico has taken online and why it’s such an interesting project.

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