The Politico: Markos’ Take

We’re discovering this late, but DailyKos’ Markos Moulitsas weighed in on The Politico a while back (when analyzing this Michael Sokolove post):

    There’s one big lesson I learned in my Silicon Valley days — the more grandiose the talk when launching a venture, the more ill-will it generates and the more knives come out. Google came out of nowhere to take over the internet, despite grandiose claims from the likes of Microsoft. We all saw what happened to the pathetic Pajamas Media, while Daily Kos has quietly risen into a position of prominence. That’s why I’m being low-key in my projects for next year. They’ll be quietly launched. Some will fail, some might succeed. It’s better to let success do the talking than being a boastful oaf before your project is even off the ground.