The Playforge launches Zombie Farm Battles on iOS

Image via The Playforge
Image via The Playforge

The Playforge has announced the launch of a new game in its popular Zombie Farm series: Zombie Farm Battles. The multiplayer iOS game sees players interacting with both classic characters from previous Zombie Farm games and those new to the franchise as they form teams of zombies to battle against humans.

Zombie Farm Battles is most easily described as a card battle game, as a collectable card represents each kind of zombie, with zombie mutations available for unlocking new abilities. Players can connect with friends to borrow their zombies, while those looking for a more competitive experience can also take their zombie teams head-to-head against other players to win “battle event” prizes.

Zombie Farm Battles comes with boss enemies to defat, weekly challenges offering larger rewards than normal, and quests to complete along the way.

“Zombie Farm Battles is an exciting new addition to the Zombie Farm portfolio and offers fans the chance to experience the Zombie Farm world in a whole new way,” said Jack Sorensen, President of The Playforge, via a company release. “Zombie Farm Battles allows for a deeper fan engagement with endless hours of battles with new characters, challenges and prizes. We expect Zombie Farm Battles will appeal to Zombie Farm enthusiasts and also expand to new gamers who are fans of the challenging combat action.”

Zombie Farm Battles joins Zombie Farm Escape, which The Playforge released earlier this summer. That game is also free-to-play on iOS, and challenges players to help zombies run as far as they can from Ol’ McDonnell and his farmhands. The endless runner allows players to collect coins, complete quests and dodge obstacles as they work to earn the highest score possible in each game.

Both Zombie Farm Battles and Zombie Farm Escape are now available to download for free on iOS worldwide. A $0.99 version of Zombie Farm Escape is also available. You can follow their progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.