The Players in the Race to Replace Philippe de Montebello


As we reported a while back, one of the biggest museum news stories this year was the announcement that Philippe de Montebello had decided to retire as the director of the Met. Later we learned that he was heading to NYU to become the first professor to teach the history and culture of museums. But with all this focus on Philippe, what’s been going on over at the Met in trying to replace the longtime director? Fortunately, Lee Rosenbaum has the whole scoop, or rather, predictions on who might land the high profile gig. Will it be former Whitney chief, Maxwell Anderson, who is now at the Indianapolis Museum of Art? Or the mysterious, globe-hopping Timothy Potts coming back from across the pond and his stay at Cambridge? Rosenbaum lays out all the potential players and weighs their pros and cons, making it seem like the kind of thing a person who likes to place wagers might be interested in (meet us in the alley out back if you want to talk more).