The Photo Booth That Pays You!

This was an interesting story in Sunday’s Times, “The Theater of the Street, the Subject of the Photograph.” All about the trial against photographer, Philip-Lorca diCoria, who was sued by one of the subjects in a random person portait series from 1999. The suit was finally dismissed this year, but it went all the way to the NY Supreme Court, which has a number of artists a little freaked out, and rightly so. Where does it stop if something like this can get so far? Here’s a bit:

When Erno Nussenzweig, an Orthodox Jew and retired diamond merchant from Union City, N.J., saw his picture last year in the exhibition catalog, he called his lawyer. And then he sued Mr. diCorcia and Pace for exhibiting and publishing the portrait without permission and profiting from it financially. The suit sought an injunction to halt sales and publication of the photograph, as well as $500,000 in compensatory damages and $1.5 million in punitive damages.