The Perils of Having Too Many Admins

Once a business or corporation commits to developing and launching branded social media profiles, the next step comes in creating a plan of action.

It’s often in the planning stage that many businesses stumble. They become over-ambitious, or they realize they’re targeting the wrong demographics. Any number of things could go wrong at this stage.

One way that businesses stumble early out of the gate is in determining who gets access to post to the page, and respond to users as the company or brand.

You want to avoid having too many stakeholders.

The phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” is an appropriate metaphor for what I’m describing. For example, Facebook allows for a Fan Page to have multiple administrators. But just because it’s allowed, doesn’t mean you need it.

Limiting the number of admins limits the amount of information that could fall through the cracks. You’re less likely see content posted to the Fan Page and feel unsure about who posted it

If someone additional asks for admin access, work with them to determine whether they really need access, or if it is possible for them to send content to the admins that currently exist on the page.

Another advantage to having only a handful of admins is that it becomes easier to assign individual admins with days when they’re supposed to update or post to the community/fan page. Each person has their schedule and eventually it will become a part of their work routine.

When planning a social strategy, determine who the relevant stakeholders are who need administrative access, and close it off at that. Then work with those admins to develop the content strategy and content schedule that everyone can adhere to.