The Perfect Union of Two FishFriends: John Hodgman on the Daily Show!

Well, look who’s gone and become a big ol’ TV superstar! Fishbowl bolted upright on the couch last night when our pal Jon Stewart introduced none other than New York Times Mag “Funny Pages” editor and FishFriend&#153 John Hodgman in a special guest appearance!

Hodgman first appeared on “The Daily Show” on Nov. 16, 2005, to talk about his book “The Areas of My Expertise,” and they apparently liked him so much they asked him back (if you saw the ep, you’ll remember that Hodgman’s earnest and deadpan responses were cracking Jon up). Last night Hodgman came back on to discuss Iran’s nuclear capability, using a helpful diagram of a warhead that he found on the internets, which, upon closer inspection, was powered by apples; Jon, confused, suggested that perhaps uranium might be more useful to the Iranians, whereupon Hodgman chided him for revealing to the Iranians the secret of nuclear power. It was all very cute and deadpan and the point was, guess what? Nuclear capability ain’t hard to come by, and the IAEA ain’t stopping no one. You know it’s serious when we bring out the bad grammar.(TVSquad has the full recap, along with this assessment: “Hodgman was hilarious as a guest correspondent. Hopefully, he’ll come and do some more reports every once in a while.”)

We asked Hodgman, who called it “one of the nicest and most bizarre incongruous experiences I’ve ever had” and confirmed that yes, this was the first time he’d been back on since his Nov. 16th appearance whence he was recruited. Hilariously, Hodgman gave us the inside scoop on wardrobe: not only did he forget his cufflinks (aw, we didn’t even notice), but he revealed that “there were mothholes in the left sleeve of my jacket, but you couldn’t see the lining because I had colored it black with a sharpie that morning.” Now THAT’s enterprising (and also our no-fail trick for shining our shoes en route to Michael’s).

Congrats to John Hodgman on his ingenuity, his wardrobe and his starring turn on The Daily Show! We are, in a word, proud. Anyone who has a pic of John’s authoritative presentation please send it on in; Fishbowl’s trusty camera is being persnickety of late.