The ‘Pepsi Logo Design PDF’: Embarrassment, Hoax, or Clever Advertising?

If you’re in the business of design or advertising or some close relation there to, there’s a good chance that someone sent you the PDF currently circulating around of Arnell Group‘s pitch to Pepsi for their new logo. Chock full of bizarrely scientific diagrams, it’s page after page of strangeness, showing off the new piece of branding’s relation to both human perception and a cosmic kismet with the universe as a whole. Some have called it a disgrace, showing the worst side of designing and marketing for a mega-client, while others have speculated that the “leak” of the presentation could all be just one big hoax or stealthy part of the campaign. Personally speaking, we’re currently in the latter camp, as the whole thing seems just far too tongue-in-cheek and winking to be real. But who knows? Until we find out, therein lies the joy.

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