The Pentagon is Absolutely Not Ordering 80,000 New Blackberry Phones

blackberryThe Pentagon has just denied reports that it placed an order for 80,000 new Blackberry phones, but not before the phone maker’s stock jump from $9 per share to $11 per share.

According to a statement to The Verge, the Department of Defense said, ” Absolutely no new orders have been placed for new BB devices. The DISA press release put out Jan. 16 never alluded to any devices being purchased. The 80,000 BBs and 1,800 non-BB devices referenced in the release are legacy systems already in DoD inventories.”

Apparently, the flawed reports came from a misreading of this press release, which reads,  “The program currently supports 1,800 unclassified mobile devices including iPad 3 and 4, iPhone 4S and 5, Samsung 10.1 tablets and Samsung S3, and Motorola RAZR devices with participation from the combatant commands, services, and agencies throughout DOD. The program also supports 80,000 BlackBerry phones.”

One must wonder though, who are those unlucky users who must be on very old Blackberry phones? Also, how old are they and what operating system are they using? The feds are notorious for using outdated equipment, and the Federal Register have even been reported as being users of old floppy disks.