The Pebble Smartwatch Raises $5M — Biggest Kickstarter Ever

Kickstarter has been making some pretty serious waves lately.  After legendary game designer Tim Schaeffer and his Double Fine game team raised $3.4m, we’ve seen the company launch all sorts of million dollar projects.  These were all huge, but none was able to match the scale of the Pebble e-paper watch, which has raised over $5,000,000 at the time of this writing.  The project is continuing to gain steam with a plethora of positive reviews and a viral campaign that has seen 35,000 people support the project.

What is the watch?  The best way to get the gist is to check out the video.  The team originally created the InPulse watch for the Blackberry and evolved the original design into the new Pebble which works with Androids and iPhones.  The phone connects to your mobile phone and allows you to do all sorts of stuff including play your music remotely, connect to your GPS to turn your watch into a jogging tracker.  You can easily install applications of any type, and also shows you notifications like text messages directly on your watch.


By including an application ecosystem with the watch, this product has appealed to developers as well, and gives the watch the potential to have all sorts of new functionality that extends what’s currently available.  The big question is whether these things are going to catch on — do people want a watch with a screen on it?  I can say that I’m definitely going to check this out.  The thing handles Twitter, Facebook and my Gmail.  I’d love to get updated on my email by just glancing at my wrist.

Read more about the Pebble here.

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