The Payne of Twitter


March happened like this: if you were at SXSW, apparently the theme was “Hey! Twitter!” If you weren’t at SXSW, when all your coworkers and friends got back and were talking about it, you asked “What the hell is Twitter?” But, by now, even your grandmother knows all about the popular web app and is probably using it so you’ll know when not to call when she’s watching her stories. Well, if you’re interested in learning a bit more about the program, we found this interview over at Radical Behavior with Twitter’s developer, Alex Payne, by way of Waxy (which has a fantastic story up itself about the app’s sudden boom). The interview with Payne gets a little technical at times, but it’s a great read none the less. Here’s some:

How do you see Twitter affecting the blogosphere, IM, SMS, and Email?

I don’t think Twitter is a replacement for blogging, just as I don’t think blogging is a replacement for journalism. As far as communicating ideas to an audience, one-to-many, Twitter works best for those particular ideas that are terse yet expressive, and don’t benefit greatly from an in-place thread of replies. For more personal (some might say mundane) updates, I think Twitter is a better fit than a blog. People are going to talk about their cats, inevitably, but do you really want someone talking about their cat in more than 140 characters

And if you want even more, check out this article in the most recent issue of Time Out Chicago about Jack Dorsey, the creator of the whole dang thing.