The Party’s Over for Quinn’s Column (in Print)

City Paper’s Erik Wemple has the scoop on WaPo killing Sally Quinn’s column, “The Party” in the print edition. The column moves online to the section she runs called “On Faith.”

An excerpt:
After hours of frenzied calling and e-mailing and even a little Facebook messaging, City Desk has finally gotten someone in the know at the Washington Post to comment on the whole Sally Quinn situation. That would be the Executive Editor, Marcus Brauchli.

So the wrapup: The column is killed from the print edition. That’s not to say that if Quinn gins up an incredible piece, it won’t appear in the dead-tree version. But at the Washington Post, at least, a move to online-only counts as a significant demotion.

Read the details here.

Note The dog pictured above is a depiction of the news and is not meant to depict Quinn.