The Pajama Game: Footies for Judith Miller?

pajamas.jpgNext week will see the official launch of novelist, screenwriter and uber-blogger Roger L. Simon‘s Pajamas Media, the new blog network that will feature about 70 bloggers in a united front to score big-time advertisers, deliver big-time impact and — oh yes — pay big-time money (at least where bloggers are concerned). It’s being touted as the most MSM-like blog venture yet. It’s gotten a rap for leaning right, but founder Simon says that he’s welcoming bloggers from “all sides of the political spectrum” (lineup so far includes David Corn to Michelle Malkin to John Podhoretz to Larry Kudlow to Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds).

Hmm. Sounds like a splashy new platform for somebody with something to say. Do we know anyone who just became a free agent?

We do indeed — and it just so happens that Judith Miller will be speaking at next Wednesday’s kickoff party. Are there footie pajamas in her future? I asked Roger Simon, who’d happily welcome her to his pajama-clad brood:

No, we haven’t suggested to her that she join Pajamas, but why not? I imagine she would make a fascinating blogger. Also, we have deliberately welcomed people from all sides of the political spectrum, though I imagine Miller would not be particularly “dramatic” in that regard. She seems to me more or less a centrist.

We’re pretty confident that Judith Miller can rustle up some drama just fine.

Added incentive: Simon knows how to keep our Judy in the style to which she has become accustomed. Balthazar breakfasts remain affordable under the Pajama plan, which we brazenly asked him about (we’d heard his bloggers were getting a sweet deal). Simon says:

Bloggers are being compensated at two levels – one for which we would place all the ads on their site, another for which we place only a certain number of their ads . Almost all have opted for the former. These contracts are flat deals based on our best estimates of possible ad revenue these blogs will earn for our company. You will notice the words “estimates” and “possible.” We don’t know how accurate we are going to be. How could we? All these things will be revisited in forthcoming years. Our business plan is to err on the side of generosity and keep all our bloggers happy. We want them to stay with us of course.

Indeed. Judy, far be it from us to offer you career advice but, well, this sounds pretty serendipitous. No offense, but it’s gotta beat I’m just sayin’.