The pain points of app development


There were over 50 billion app downloads in 2013, and while many developers struck gold, an overwhelming number of companies suffered through growing pains significant enough to set them back from competitors.

“I’d say that the biggest mistake, from our perspective, is not considering how the app will be supported,” says Jason Mitchell, director of product management at MokiMobility, a cloud-based mobile device platform and development company. “Apps are the new face of business and you’d never launch a new business without having a fleshed-out customer support experience in place. Customers are expecting more from their apps – especially when they are line-of-business.”

In the following infographic, Moki breaks down the five significant app development pain points, from app support to compliance, all issues the company addresses with their platform, MokiManage.

“Our solutions don’t necessarily intend to solve the pain points of app development – we aim to solve the pain of supporting and tracking the performance of the app in the field,” adds Mitchell. “With our help, developers won’t have to build those support and performance monitoring tools from scratch.”