The Oscar Nominations Were Announced. Now We’re All Depressed

For about five minutes this morning, we celebrated the nominees for this year’s Oscar awards. Then for about 15 minutes we pondered over the nominees we thought were undeserving. Then we spent the rest of the day going over all the movies and actors that were overlooked. Hello Academy!! Did you not see the funky fresh scorpion jacket that Ryan Gosling rocked in Drive? And what about the heinousness of Charlize Theron in Young Adult? According to The Huffington Post and Rotten Tomatoes, Best Picture nominee Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is rotten to the core. Why is my taste so good and yours so bad?

The Web was rife with stories about who got snubbed. Patton Oswalt, also from Young Adult, and Albert Brooks, also from Drive, even tweeted their sadness comically.

But the fact is, even if fans and critics don’t agree with the nominations, we’ll all be watching as many of these movies as possible before February 26. Already, there are reports that online ticket sales for The Artist jumped 190 percent after it received 10 nominations. Guess this means I have to see War Horse.