The Only Lobby You Can Loiter In For Hours And Not Get Arrested (Again)

An interesting little bit of info from Metropolis’ events calendar. To help celebrate the magazine’s 25th year in the business, starting next week, July 25th, and running through until September 30th, they will have a large collection of their covers available to view in New York. But no, not in a gallery, but, rather, they’re running them in the lobby in the headquarters of Steelcase, the design (largely workspace-focused) company. Seems a little odd, but hey, it’s free, and maybe somebody will just stop you in the building and offer you a free lamp. “You look like a person in need of a new lamp. Here. Here’s a new lamp.” And speaking of Steelcase, they’ve just launched, Workit, their new company blog. Only a few posts in, but it’s interesting, thus far. All about, of course, thinking about utilizing environmental and product design, to help you become more focused in your work. Reminds us a lot of smashLAB’s ideas on ideas in some ways too.