The Only Game to Ever Take the #1 Position of Free Cell


Please allow this writer to geek-out for a minute. Back in, geez, probably more than a decade and a half now, this writer didn’t play too-too many video games, except for his wild obsession with anything Lucasarts put out. They were amazing games, these whole complex stories, with rich animation, incredibly clever writing, and a level of intelligence that you really weren’t getting anywhere else in that gaming climate. The best, greatest, of all time was Sam and Max, this weird game about a dog and rabbit detective squad. Just riddled with absurd, non-sequitors, it spoke to every sensibility this writer needed speaking to, and is likely one of the reasons for who he has developed into today (someone people don’t like to be around). So, with that sort of introduction, it goes without saying that we were super happy to read this interview with Dave Grossman, the Senior Designer on the upcoming, very long-awaited sequel, Sam & Max: Season One. It’s terrific and, if you’re at all a fan, will likely make you drool with anticipation.