The Only Design Contest UnBeige Will Ever Demand You Participate In


Probably won’t directly relate to any of our readership, but still worth posting under that blanket of “terrifying, and also interesting” stories. Cosmos magazine reported on the American Geophysical Union, The Planetary Society starting a contest asking people to “submit designs for a mission to rendezvous with and ‘tag’ a potentially dangerous near-Earth asteroid” that might hit Earth in 2036. And the prize for doing such a thing? You get a free t-shirt and they’ll put your name on their website. No, wait, it’s actually $50,000. So, um, that makes this seem a little more serious for some reason, doesn’t it? That or the group just has a lot of money laying around. Either way, if you have any ideas on figuring this out, be it in poster design, your sculpture work, or signing up for some astronomy courses next semester, we’d appreciate you participating. Just hurry, okay?