The Only #BreakTheInternet Response You Need to See

You know that a certain someone whose name we should probably include for SEO purposes managed to win the attention of everyone on and offline with a little tastefully exposed flesh this week.

BuzzFeed alone managed to turn the “event” into at least ten different blog posts, and various Internet peoples have had a good time altering the resulting images (as if they weren’t already Photoshopped enough).

Inevitably, “brands” began to use the hashtag to promote themselves, as we now expect them to do when such stunts occur. But the only one that impressed us came from the least likely source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Some people felt like the Met degraded itself in some way by joining the hashtag frenzy, and we can’t quite put our fingers on why this one seems effortlessly cheeky when the “memes” promoting cars and zoos and airlines felt desperate.

We would say that it’s the last thing you’d expect from such an established institution, but then we remembered that the Met had something to say about the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls as well. Met Store aside, this “brand” doesn’t even really sell consumer products — it sells experience and reputation.

So maybe the lesson here is “break the rules and surprise people, but don’t try too hard?”