The Onion’s ‘Too Soon’ Satire Question, Answered

From The Onion:

Is Opening Week Too Soon To See A 9/11 Movie?

Has enough time passed since we first witnessed the awful event of the United 93 trailer to confront the full-length movie of United 93 in its opening week?

April 4, 2006 was the day Americans learned about the existence of United 93 by viewing the new preview. And in that moment, frozen in time, what had once seemed impossible—a filmed reenactment of the events of 9/11—became all too frighteningly real.

From yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

If some skeptics said it was too soon for “United 93,” Universal Pictures’ controversial 9/11 docudrama, there were just enough ticket sales to prove otherwise. Thanks to widespread critical acclaim and continuous news coverage, the $15 million disaster film with zero celebrity appeal came through with $11.6 million (and the highest per-theater average of any wide release).

United 93

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