The Onion Pokes Fun at Google

Humor site The Onion took a poke at Google’s perceived privacy issues with Google Responds to Privacy Concerns with Unsettlingly Specific Apology, a parody in the site’s typical over-the-top style.

The hilarious fake quote from Google CEO Eric Schmidt, from The Onion:

We would like to extend our deepest apologies to each and every one of you. Clearly, there have been some privacy concerns as of late and, judging by some of the search terms we’ve seen, along with the tens of thousands of personal email exchanges and Google Chat conversations we’ve carefully examined, it looks as though it might be a while before we regain your trust.

Whether you’re Michael Paulson who lives at 3425 Longview Terrace and makes $86,400 a year, or Jessica Goldblatt from Lynnwood, WA, who already has well-established trust issues, we at Google would just like to say how very, truly sorry we are.