The Onion News Network Is Becoming A TV Show

The Independent Film Channel (yes) announced today that it was developing a television series based on the satirical newspaper / website The Onion. As of now, the show, which will debut in 2011, is said to be called the “Onion News Network” after the publication’s series of news videos.

Said Will Graham, an executive producer of said videos, “It just seems to us, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are already doing such great comedy out there, without a whole lot of competition. We thought it was about time that someone really gave them a run for their money.”

We’re guessing it’ll be a mix of pre-Jon Stewart Daily Show and The Colbert Report that will cater to the IFC channel’s predominantly male audience. With Arrested Development, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and a slew of new programming in addition to their signature line-up of independent movies, it seems IFC is aiming to be a version of Comedy Central that might feature something like “The Blue Collar Comedy Tour” only in an uncontrollable fit of irony.