The Onion Makes Fun of Publishing Business!

eBook must actually be a big deal, and publishing must be cooler than we thought. The Onion, the satirical newspaper, is making fun of the Amazon / Macmillan dispute in today’s issue.

It’s one of those surveys they do–you know, the ones with the same people’s pictures every week, where they’ve been using the same people for like years and years. Well, here’s this week’s topic: “After a dispute between Macmillan and Amazon over e-book pricing resulted in the retailer briefly removing all the publishing house’s books from its website, shares of Amazon fell around 7 percent. What do you think?”

We’ll give you one of the three responses, but you’ll have to click over for the other two. A veterinary assistant says this: “And then what happened? I just can’t get enough of this publishing industry intrigue.”

Neither can we.