The Onion Launches ‘Magic 8-Ball’ Like iPhone App

For your FishbowlNY editors, the Magic 8-Ball toy was quite the hit when we were kids. We asked it stupid questions like, “Does my oldest brother poop his pants?” then we’d shake the toy and shout with satisfaction when the plastic die revealed, “Signs point to yes,” that our teenage sibling had difficulty controlling his bowels.

The Onion, by launching its new “Magic Answer Ball” iPhone app, has harnessed that simple fun that we once so enjoyed and put it on our phones. Available for .99 cents, the app works exactly like the Magic 8-Ball. You simply ask it a question, shake your phone, and the app spits out an answer.

If you’re not in the mood to come up with your own question, there are even some “Questions of The Day” available to you.

“Placing the power of the Magic Answer Ball into people’s hands is not something the Onion editors take lightly,” said Chris Karwowski, a writer at The Onion, and one of the people behind the app. “Knowing the answers to some questions can bring peace of mind but it can also extract a terrible toll upon your psyche. But keep in mind The Onion Magic Answer Ball is very reasonably priced.”