The Onion Launches Decider

“America’s finest news source” just got a little bit more useful. Well, at least for those of us living in Gotham, anyway. Today, Decider New York went live.

So, um what’s Decider? Well, those helpful kids at The Onion answered that question already but we’ll distill it down for you.

The editorial thrust here is the same as it’s been in print in The A.V. Club’s New York city section the past couple years. It just seemed, in 2009, like perhaps a decent idea to go ahead and get up online as well. And with that comes lots more: daily updates with bits of news, features with audio and video accoutrements, listings and previews of lots of cool events that you can track with way more ease and functionality.

(Yes, that’s the distilled version.)

We’re not sure what the world needs now is another local news and events Web site, but from playing around with it, we think Decider is at least as good, if not better, than what’s out there already. Now good luck getting us to leave Yelp.