The Onion Gets In Some Canadian Trouble

0201firefighter.jpgThe Canadian press is going crazy over the complaints of an Ottawa fireman who woke up one day to find that his picture was used to accompany a piece in The Onion. So we figured we’d spread the good news stateside.

The article in question? Hero Firefighter Loses Lifelong Battle With Fire.

Except the fireman pictured, Capt. Rudy Lindia of Ottawa Fire Services, happened to work in a firehouse with a reader of The Onion. Lidia took the picture back in 2002 for a City of Ottawa photoshoot by local firm Hemera Technologies Inc. Hemera later resold the picture to (ObDisc: and are both owned by Jupitermedia. The Onion purchases many of their stock photos from and Lindia was unaware of his picture’s roundabout journey.

According to Chet Clem of The Onion, “”We feel really crummy about it and we apologize to the firefighter in question.”

Lessons learned?

A) Remember, kids! If photographed… odds are you don’t retain the legal rights to those photographs.
B) The Onion loves stock photos.
C) The original Onion story was pretty damn funny.