The One #PRWin That Came From Bill Cosby’s Downfall

Scott now agrees with the court of public opinion.

Unless your unpaid power bill led to a lack of electricity all day yesterday, you know that Bill Cosby admitted slipping quaaludes to a woman before having sex with her in 2005.

For years, this man–who was almost canonized in the ’90s–has denied being a serial rapist. Now, he’s all but been convicted in the court of public opinion…and he was under oath ten years ago, so all the Dr. Huxtable apologists are taking their pleather sweaters and going home.

Centric and Bounce TV have pulled ‘The Cosby Show’ from their air waves. Many Cosby acolytes have already stopped talking about him. The news created a fresh new cycle about him. Fans have taken down the “Fat Albert” posters from their screen savers. One notable person even stood tall above the fray, ate crow and showed how classy she is.

If you appreciate the Nu Soul movement, you no doubt adore Jill Scott. That said, you may have not adored her this last December:

That’s “Jillie from Philly” calling some trolls out for her advocacy and defense of Bill Cosby, someone she considered “a mentor.” 

Scott obviously spent some time considering her past defiance of rumor and hearsay. Following what had to be some painful contemplation, she took the opportunity to be proactive, squash the haters, and show some class. #PRWin for her. Could you or your client have done this? 

[PHOTO: Courtesy of Temple University]