The One Mistake That Will Kill Your Facebook Page Strategy

This morning I received an email from a reader linking to an article from Ducati, the famous motorcycle company, about why they decided to remove their Corporate Blog and replace it with a Facebook Page. In the article they highlight the various reasons that they decided to make the shift. While they may have justified the shift and think it was a smart idea, in reality they just shot themselves in the foot … here’s why.

Corporate blogs are good for a number of reasons, most importantly search engine optimization. While a company may not have resources for company blogs, any large corporation can easily put aside the budget for one … it really isn’t that expensive. The primary reason to keep the blog is that gaining fans on your Facebook Page is a conversion game. While fans will come through Facebook, and you can pay for Facebook ads, the user acquisition cost via a blog should be comparable to the cost of acquiring fans directly from Facebook.
Any effective social media marketing strategy involves multiple channels. Yes, Facebook should be one of your company’s primary marketing channels, however killing all other channels and replacing them exclusively with Facebook is not only a bad marketing gimmick but it’s also a great way to kill off your other channels of new Facebook fan acquisition. By embedding your Facebook fan box on your website (as we have done on this website’s sidebar), you can dramatically increase your Facebook fan base.
Combined with search engine optimization, your blog could become the largest source of new Facebook fans. So word to the wise, if you are considering killing your company blog, think twice about it because you may just be killing one of your greatest potential channels for acquiring new Facebook fans.
Thanks to Vincenzo Cosenza for the tip.