The Official eBookNewser iPad Has Shipped

Repeat: the official eBookNewser iPad has shipped! We just wanted to share that with you. Apple promises delivery by April 3rd. Maybe they’ll screw up and bring it early. Doubtful.

But, this blogger will be sitting with his ear glued to the doorbell all day Saturday, and we’ll get some exclusive video of the iPad, iBooks, and some eReader apps as soon as we can, so lookout for that. And expect to get to know the official eBookNewser iPad pretty well next week–he’ll be making lots of appearances on this blog.

Once again, we ask you: are you expecting an iPad this saturday? Have you pre-ordered? Are you going to brave the lines at your local Apple store or Best Buy? Tell us in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: the diamond iPad depicted above is NOT the official eBookNewser iPad. We just think it’s really funny.