The OC Muppet Babies: Zap2It Offers Spin-Off Suggestions For TV’s Most Forgotten-About Show

zap2itlogo.jpgWe’ve been loving From Inside the Box recently. The episode synopsis blog is witty, weird and much more fun than actual television. And for people like us who haven’t watched about the doomed The OC since Summer stopped wearing a Wonder Woman outfit, it turns Josh Schwartz’s drek into real entertainment.

To wit:

Reaching the end of its run, The O.C. dedicated Thursday (Feb. 1) night’s episode, titled “The Case of the Franks,” to showcasing potential spin-offs designed for people who thought Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was great, but really really loved Butch and Sundance: The Early Days. Yup, the episode may have been about creating the inappropriate and incestuous (Ryan’s words) union between Frank and Julie, but it was also a chance for the writers to fill in a few gaps from the characters’ backstories and answer important questions like “Hey, why’d Jimmy Cooper and Kirsten break up anyway?” and “When did Seth fall in love with Summer?” The results were two shows that I’ll bet The CW or MyNetworkTV could pick up for cheap. I give you…

The OC Muppet Babies: Sure, Josh Schwartz and company have already flirted with this concept by introducing Mini-Mischa Willa Holland last season, but this spin-off is like The Wonder Years with a finite shelf-life. It takes place in 1998 and features a geeky young Seth, a Scary Spice-obsessed Summer and Taylor “Dorkson,” a nerd in big glasses. It would feature awkward middle school romance and nostalgic pop culture references, all shot through a hazy filter.


Sandy & Kirsten: The Berkeley Years: It turns out that Young Kirsten (Ellen Holloman) was both taller and wildly love with Jimmy until an untimely abortion — a word House used several times on Tuesday, but The O.C. avoided on Thursday — sent her off to Berkeley (in your face, USC!) and into the arms of earnestly Jewish liberal organizer Sandy (Max Greenfield, of Veronica Mars). She’s WASPy, rich and conservative! He’s straight off the streets of the Bronx! She likes Reagan! He likes Mondale! But they love each other! It would feature awkward college romance and nostalgic pop culture references, all shot through a hazy filter.

I’d watch ’em both. At sweeps, both shows could flash forward and current O.C. cast members could make guest appearances.