The Object of ex-WaPo Writer’s Love is Old School Journalism

In today’s WaPo, the book section offers a review of former WaPo sports columnist David Kindred’s new book, Morning Miracle. Published by Doubleday, the book is a story about life inside The Washington Post. The review is written by Rem Rieder, editor and senior V.P. of American Journalism Review.
An excerpt:
“The book has an insider’s feel, and no wonder: The Post opened itself up to Kindred, and he interviewed 155 people, most of them current or former Post staffers. After reading “Game Change,” a relentlessly fascinating political page-turner packed with anonymous quotes, it was shocking — in a good way — to encounter a book consisting almost entirely of on-the-record material.
To illustrate why he thinks The Post is so special, Kindred devotes four chapters to different aspects of the newspaper’s journalism. I found two particularly compelling.”
The review isn’t flowery, but it offers no sharp, negative critique of the book.
Rieder continues, “And, indeed, “Morning Miracle” explores The Post’s plight as digital moves to the fore. There’s much about the paper’s bad news: declining circulation, plummeting ad revenue, shrinking staff, soul-sapping buyouts and the overall diminution of a great American institution.”