The Obamas: Celebrities Just Like Everyone Else

PH2008062202242.jpgLooks like Michelle Obama isn’t the only one working on her image. According to Howie Kurtz Barack, along with his campaign managers, is also attempting to “add some dabs of color to a gauzy portrait” — color apparently being a euphemism for the campaign’s attempts to turn Obama into someone you would like to share a beer at a BBQ with (people who know the price of arugula in Whole Foods are clearly not fit to be president).

Anyway, to that end the Obamas appeared on the cover of US Weekly, because, as we know, nothing is more normal in this country than celebrity! According to US editor Janice Min, the campaign jumped at their cover offer,

It was a clear win for them…to me, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have that certain air of celebrity about them that not many politicians end up having.
Plus, as Obama’s press secretary Bill Burton so aptly points out, “A pretty small percentage of voters read The Washington Post.”