The NYT’s: All the Politics That’s Fit to Print, or Broadcast, or Both

The NYT’s announced today in a internal email picked up by TVNewser that it plans to launch a political show in conjunction with MSNBC called “The New York Times Special Primary Edition.” The show, which debuted today, will be hosted by John Harwood and include such NYT’s political stalwarts as Adam Nagourney, Pat Healy, Jeff Zeleny, and Gail Collins (who we happen to think is the best thing going on the Times op-ed page). According to the email:

This is the first in a series of special programs featuring Times journalists which MSNBC hopes to broadcast throughout the rest of the political season. Segments will also run on

This may not be such a huge jump for the Times; the paper of record has always been ahead of the curve where online content is concerned and has long offered accompanying video content on its website. Thus far the program appears to be somewhat of an extension of the NYT’s stellar political blog “The Caucus” which leads us directly to the question: how long till we get to see Katharine Q. Seelye in action?

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