The NYT: Where wrong is just another opportunity to be right

From today’s NYT Corrections: “An article on Sunday about campaigning by New York City’s mayoral candidates on Saturday, when the temperature hit a record 99 degrees, misstated the number of consecutive days of 95 or more. Saturday was the third in a row, not the sixth. It was the sixth August day on which the temperature reached 95 or more — a string that had not occurred previously since 1955, when there were seven.”

Asks my brother, now and forever, at FishbowlDC: “Don’t you love it when the NYT goes overboard in corrections to prove it’s way smarter than you are?”

Me, I just like knowing that Roger Ailes whooped it up so much with the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York that it was mistaken for his birthday party. L’chayim, Rog! (And mazel tov on the new appointment. Oy, you bring us such nachas.)