The NYT Magazine Makes and Remakes John McCain

At the New Yorker Festival a few weeks back NYT executive editor Bill Keller said something to the effect of “My reaction to McCain camp accusations is to put the toughest piece on the front page the next day so they’ll know we don’t kowtow.” Looks like this philosophy may now extend to the Times Magazine.

HuffPo is reporting the the Times Magazine is set to publish an “explosive” story this Sunday titled ‘The Making (and Remaking and Remaking) of the Candidate,’ written by Robert Draper on the “inner workings and combative personalities” inside the McCain campaign these last few months. That “explosive ride” will apparently include the picking of Sarah Palin and the bailout inspired campaign suspension. Per the Times Magazine article:

By October, the succession of backfiring narratives would compel some to reappraise not only McCain’s chances but also the decisions made by [Chief Strategist Steve] Schmidt, who only a short time ago was hailed as the savior who brought discipline and unrepentant toughness to a listing campaign.